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6. Tokenomics and nft

Kited is first and foremost a game, and it will not have its own payment token. All NFTs will be sold for USDT, BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies, the list of which will be expanded.

NFT price formation

In the game kited all NFT are game attributes or characters, which can be lost in battle, used, and the character can be killed, which creates scarcity. The rarity of items is provided by the difficulty and accessibility of the location in which the item is found. In kited, there are items that are presented in only one instance. Each item has a description and number of copies, and the NFT price is set by the market.

Restrictions on the sale of nft

There are no restrictions on selling nft, kited aims to create a market economy and all items found or bought can be sold immediately on the market. In addition, kited does not limit the list of marketplaces where you can sell NFT tokens, and you can sell them on all popular marketplaces.