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2. Game mechanics

Basic game mechanics.

📄️ Locations

Kited is a real world that you have to physically explore. The game features different locations with varying difficulty, which is calculated dynamically based on such parameters as the distance from the nearest city, the number of population in the city, and the number of players who have already visited the location. In addition to real locations, Kited also has virtual game locations that can be visited via portals. These locations can represent different worlds, such as fantasy and historical settings.

📄️ Levels

In Kited, all characters can level up to a maximum of 100. When a character reaches a new level, his characteristics increase, damage becomes more, the amount of HP and mana also reserves increase. In addition, the character gains access to new skills and abilities. The game also has a level system for items that can be used or put on a character. Items have levels, which affect their characteristics and effectiveness. The higher the level of an item, the stronger its characteristics and capabilities.

📄️ Battle

Battles in Kited take place in a special mode, which is activated when you get close to neutral heroes, attack another hero, or participate in various quests. In combat, you can use your hero's skills and abilities to attack enemies and defend against their attacks. It is important to consider the type of attack and defense, as different heroes have different characteristics and are strong against different types of attacks. When you defeat enemies, you gain experience and the ability to level up your hero, and you can get different items and resources.

📄️ Quests

Quests in the game Kited are various quests that can include searching and gathering resources, destroying monsters, delivering items, and helping other players. Quests can be obtained from neutral heroes who are located in various locations throughout the world of Kited.
Each quest has its own requirements and rewards, which can be in the form of experience, items, or other bonuses. Completing quests helps players gain additional experience and resources needed to develop and level up their character. In addition to the usual quests, you may come across a quest with an entire mystery plot.